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The Power Is Yours

Andy Heyward Animation Art

The Power Is Yours

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Captain Planet was an original idea created by Ted Turner. Ted came to Andy Heyward in 1990 and proposed they create the world first environmental super hero. Ted was and is, a great environmentalist. He cares deeply about our planet, and the messages we send to our children about protecting it.  He wanted to do a show where kids would have great entertainment and at the same time learn valuable lessons about our planet and how to protect it.  Together (along with Turner executive Barbara Pyle) he and Andy created a new superhero, who would teach kids about the environment.  Along with him would be 5 kids known as the Planeteers. One for each of earth, air, water, fire, and heart.  Together the Planeteers and Captain Planet would do battle against all enemies. Be they natural or manmade.  The show was launched on TBS.  It became quite a stir in Hollywood with many big celebrities jumping on board. The voice of Captain Planet was done by Tom Cruise. Other characters were voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, Ed Asner, Meg Ryan, Levar Burton, and Jeff Goldblum. The show continues to this day on Cartoon Network and broadcasters around the world.

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