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Andy Heyward

Stan’s Strong Arm

$ 249.00

The iconic Stan Lee is renowned as the greatest comic book writer of all time. He is 94 years old and is celebrating his 75th year in the business writing comic books, this year.  Andy and Stan have been close friends for many a years and collaborated to create Stan Lee Comics, an exclusive brand to produce new cartoons and comic books based on Stan Lee creations. In 'SLAM 7', Stan plays himself.   In addition to writing the program, he voiced his own character, which is about to be relaunched through Sony Home Entertainment. The synopses is that Stan is an out of work comic book writer facing writer's block.  He is driving in the desert one night when he witnesses an alien crash.   The aliens all have traits which, normal on their planet, are super heroic here on earth. He realizes they are now being chased by our military who want to capture them, so he quickly loads them on his convertible with the proposal that he will hide them here on earth, and teach them how to be superheroes, but in return he will want to document their adventures in his newest comic book series. He will call it Stan Lee and the Mighty 7.  Of course, it’s not so easy. He quickly finds he is amidst the 'Ransom of Red Chief'.  They want to go out and hang at the clubs and party, and do  all the kinds of things that will get them caught.  Stan is pulling his hair out to keep them in line.  In these 3 cels, we feature 3 different heroes of the Mighty 7.  As all the art in AHAA, each cel is signed and numbered. There will be no more than 50.  Standby to collect all of the Mighty 7.

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