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Andy Heyward

Inspector Gadget Line Up

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This is the very first cel of Inspector Gadget.  The show was the very first program of DIC Entertainment. It was produced first in 1982.  65 half hours were done as a co-production between the U.S., France, and Canada.  Up until that time, all of the animation was produced for Saturday morning networks. This was the first show produced for 1st run -Monday through Friday syndication.  It was an immediate success and an additional 21 half hours were ordered.  Spinoffs series, specials, merchandise, Happy Meals, and even a live action motion picture were produced.  To this day Inspector Gadgets original shows continue to run around the world, and a new series just began with Netflix.  The new series is done with computer generated graphics. The old fashioned hand painted animation cels, are too expensive for today’s economics.   The cel above shows the three principal characters. Inspector Gadget, his niece Penny, and his dog Brain.  There will never be another 'Inspector Gadget #1.'  After these cels are done, the run will be retired.

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